The last time i blogged in december was about my nose repairs.. which seem to have gone fine… i breath well. I flew to Africa and returned in February and was supposed to give blood samples for another check routine check immedeately. I was however a bit busy and since the Dr. had intimated that i may never need medicines for a long time, but he only wanted the blood to bechecked just to be sure, i was in no hurry.

3weeks i go i went and gave the blood. Monday this week was when i went to discuss the blood findings with Dr. He told memy sysytem was very fine, not that i was cured but that my body was still controlling multiplication of the virus to the effect that my viral load was still veryvery low to the effectthat i did not need any meds!

On after thought i felt a bit happy; i seem to be still some distance away from the meds.

The only problem they found with my blood was the high levels of cholesterol! I agreed with him because, for some unknown reason, i aded on quite some number of kilos. I keep on thinking it is the after effect of having stopped smoking. He advised that i do a lot of exercise. I am lazy!

As i was reeling in my thoughts, he threw in a spanner that some more blood will be needed because they have some figure they got wrong! I was taken aback!! He said i need not to worry, they will do the tests and will give me a call if there is anything that warrants attention. If i do not hear from them, then i go back in november for another routine blood work. So 2 weeks to wait for no phone call…just imagine each time i see a strange number on my screen……


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