So now I have to write my first retraction.
Ah hem…(throat clearing here),
“Attention all interested readers, Christopher Kennedy Lawford will not be a monthly columnist.”
There, I said it. Didn’t hurt much.
Yes it did.
I spoke with Chris’s PR lady on Thursday and she told me that Chris would not be able to do a column every month;
His schedule won’t allow it.
This I understand.
I’ve met Chris at the Voices of Recovery Festival last month at the South Florida Fairgrounds,
And have spoken with him a couple of times on the phone.
Every time his voice sounded like,
Metaphorically speaking ,
My old one eyed Hyundai:
Ready to give out, but somehow just keeps on going & going….
The last time I spoke with Chris he told me he had received the back copies of JOURNEY magazine that I’d sent him, he loved them, and he’d be glad to write a column for it.
Here, I think, is where I’ve pinpointed the problem;
My ego took over.
I didn’t bother to ask him if it would be every month,
I just thanked him and immediately sent out a e-mail blast and blogged about it.
The good news is Christopher Kennedy Lawford will be writing a column for It’s all in the JOURNEY;
But as a featured writer: 4-6 times a year.
And you know what?
I’m grateful for that,
And to him.
The fact that he likes It’s all in the JOURNEY enough to agree to write a column for us at all with his schedule.
Tells me a lot about what kind of magazine I have,
And what kind of person he is.


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