I am more aware of the fact that addiction is addiction and consequences are basically the same no matter what your addiction is.[br][br] One of my friends that still lives in Charlotte (I moved to Raleigh) is now homeless due to alcoholism and a gambling addiction. He has a four year degree in finance, makes $60,000 a year and works at Bank of America, however he lost his home and all his possessions and lives in a “pay by the week” motel.[br][br]He sold all his DVDS for gambling money – I sold all mine for crack. Different situations, but addiction and loss of quality of life is the common point.[br][br]It doesn't matter what your addiction is, it will take your lifestyle and maybe your life. That's what I was afraid of…losing my life.[br][br]I believe that if I had stayed in Charlotte I would have died. I've been living at my parents home in Raleigh since September. I signed my townhouse (that I couldn't pay the mortgage on anymore) over to my Dad's name to sell, I signed the title of my car over to my Dad so that if I went out on a binge here, he could report *his* car stolen and I had him hide my keys. In fact, there were times when I was desperate and looked for them and found them nowhere so I think he takes them with him when he leaves the house.[br][br]I don't need these security measures now because I have a genuine desire to stay clean, but at that time I didn't and knew I'd do myself in if I wasn't in “prison” here at the house. Everyone told me if I wanted to find crack here that I'd find it (it was on every corner in Charlotte). That was true.[br][br]As soon as I got here I started hanging out in the hood and got into all kinds of bad things to support my crack addiction and had two run ins with the police. They tried to get me to turn narc, but before that even happened they opened their big mouths to the wrong people and I got sucker punched sitting in my car and when I rolled up the window I had a brick thrown through the window. I drove away and didn't even realize I was bleeding badly and needed stitches for 3 hours because I was in pursuit of crack and on it at the time and don't really think I felt the pain. Anyway, I could go on and on but I'm sure this type of story is common to all addicts. I do believe that H and crack bring you to these kinds of dangerous environments more than other drugs, but I could be wrong.


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