I am not a doctor, I am an OCD sufferer. here is all my advice I can give to you all.Am I all good now?No, I am suffering everyday, but at leats I\\'m functional now(for most days). I\\'m goign to pour out my heart and soul here. Please read. EVery peice of information here is crucial.

My resume

OCDI patient at mclean\\'s hospital, oen of the best programs for ocd in teh world

ECT therapy (12 sessions)

i\\'ve seen over 10 therapist in my life and i\\'m 22

i\\'ve even seen hypnotherapist(didn\\'t help at all)

accunpunture(ocuh and didn\\'t help

19 medications, name it and i can tell you eveyrthing about it, none helped my brain is medication resistant

been hospitalized 6 times in my life

Spent 2 months of no sleep and just consumed by my thoughts

I am only 22


I think/know I have ocd, what should i do?

If you think/know you have OCD and is not in therapy. YOU NEED to get a therapist now, not just any. I saw a therapist for four years, she was teh best in my area and she treated me like her daughter, but i only got worst and worst until I can\\'t get out of bed and was crying everyday. She wasn\\'t the right therapist for my case. TALK THERAPY DOES NOTHING FOR OCD. You are only givign your thoughts more attention. You need a behavior therapist who epecialize in OCD.

How to find the find therapist.?

Go online and find one in your area, ask local hospitals. If you are not good at looking up things, ask someoen in teh forum to help you. I\\'m sure people are willing to help. Going tothis forum and ranting how bad your symptoms are will not help you in a long run. It will releive you now, but are you goign to rant for your lifetime. I rant too and i understand how bad thoughts get but you need logn term plans and in order to get better you need CBT therapy that includes ERP. Once you find a behavior therapist (CBT), ask him/her do she practice ERP. Some doctors may lie or they might interpret wrong of what it is. I\\'ve heard it happened. Ask them to define it. ERP is Exposure response therapy. If they cna\\'t answer that, say thanks but no thanks.


What if I cna\\'t fidn one in my area

Shamefully, there\\'s not enought CBT doctors who specialize OCD in USA and its even harder to fidn if you live in teh rurals. You need to look for an OCD program quick. There are 3 main ones in USA. Get your insurance straight too because they are pricey.


What do I do in an OCD program

Ocd program is a ocd-kick ass bootcamp. You will be intoduced to something called ERP.  This powerful, method to help you. Milliosn of sufferes can tell you it work. You have been suffering with OCD for many years, have your own "method" help? WHat do you have to lose? Nothing. Please listen to teh doctors and try this therapy out. In ocd programs, you will learn how to fight ocd. You will become your own best doctor. At the end, no bets doctor in teh world, or any medication can help you. They cna only do so much, you have to do the ERP.

Why am I such a bitch about ERP

I\\'m quite surprised at first how soem people never heard of it in teh wensite, well then it hit me I didn\\'t hear about it until I went to Mclean. I went to mclean last year. Before I went, I was in bed for 2 months. Was I physically ill? no. I was losing it to my thoughts. I just want to die. OCD thoughts had came in and out of my life but during that time, it totally consumed me. Everyday was hell. My tears are runnign down as I type. It was teh scariest tiem of my life. When i got admitted to teh prgram, I asked them to kill me. It took me 2 weeks to listen to them, to try ERP. It saved me and it will save you.

My OCD comes and go/ it doens\\'t bother me too much

Thats what OCD does, it comes and go, but what are you gonan do when iit hards you hard one day? Reassuring yourself that you don\\'t liek to molest kids (if you have thoughts like that) will not make that obsession go away but make it even stronger. Ocd is liek cocaine. It\\'s addictive.

FOr example , you have thoughts-I wnat to touch that kid

you feel fear/anxiety

after 10 minutes-1 hour reassuring yourself you don\\'t wnat to tuch that kid

you feel better

same idea, your body recognize you feel better and would want more reassurance.

the thoughst might come out the next hour or in a coupel of months

it never ends.


Treatment is the only long term solution

Please read my blog for more information if interested

My heart is out there for every one of you and I wish all of you teh best and we can fight this.

"Treat OCD thoughts as an unwanted guest in the house, pay no attention to it and it\\'ll leave eventually"




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  1. buffster 14 years ago

    \\..thanks for the helpful advice hun..I saw McClean detailed on "CNN" a couple of years ago & tried getting in as well but as you mentioned the cost was prohibitive..I understand all too well the difficulty & frustration involved with finding experienced & competant OCD treatment in non urban areas..I am currently living in "gopher\’s crotch" usa & because of my bad experiences with so called "professionals" claiming OCD expertise *whereas they may have only read about it in school* I\’ve completely turned my back on any form of treatment & am as such a homebound shut-in "island" now..I know it sounds pessimistic however I\’ve lost all faith in the modern\’ medical establishment 2 do anything for me for now..am glad you have found reliable treatment which works for you however..good luck & be strong..\\

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