Who’s afraid of a panic attack?

I like to think I am stronger than that


First come the bad thoughts, all mean about me

Next I find myself unable to breathe

Weakness, shaking, dizzy, unwell and often crying

What I really need to ask is what is my heart saying?


Come back to reality. Slow down the thoughts

They are racing very fast. STOP! No more

Trying to breathe in, but need to exhale

Breathe out long and slow, three deep breaths, ok?


Personally when they come for me when I’m split

Conflicted between two opposite ideals that don’t fit

Trying to do things I cannot, usually for others

I tend to need to stop what I’m doing, not bother


It’s not a magic cure. Just a few things that I learned

Could be different for everyone? An example of a guide

Above all be kind to yourself, and very gentle too

The worst passes in  minutes (excluding after affects) on cue


Look outside, see the sky, clouds, trees or whatever

Soak in the peaceful energy of surrounds often. Notice all the outer

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  1. brettlea94 3 months ago

    I hope you are doing well today. If you have had panic attacks, I hope you can shake them off in the near future. You are not alone. A lot of people experience panic attacks. It is like our brain or mind is trying to defend against some type of stress. That stress could be real or imagined. One way to prevent future attacks is to face the problems head on with the help of a mental health professional. Depending on the severity, I would not try on your own unless the attack(s) are mild. This type of treatment has been measured to be very effective. When we face our fears head on, we take away the emotional charge that comes with them. We can learn that our fears were created by “us,” and that we can learn to understand how to see that they are not real. Again, we must face our fears to see and experience they were created by us. They also can be destroyed by us. Then, these fears come back as confidence and calmness. However, if the panic attacks are/ or have been recurrent and intense, I would use the help of a mental health professional if possible. Also, books and articles that have been written to help people dealing with these problems are out there to be purchased at very affordable prices. Study up on possible causes of panic attacks/ disorders, and study treatments/ solutions of these phenomena. Lastly, that was a very talented way of rhyming words. You have some pretty great skill in rhyming words. Have a great day.

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