hey hey hey everyone, hows it going!!Cool


The arm is feeling a bit better so thanks for all ur messages!!Since i got the weekend of work i was able to get to another meeting on sunday night-FINALLY!! it wasnt the best though. There seemed to be a very tense mood in the room and the guy who was asked to do chair obviously wasnt comfortable speaking at all. Felt very sorry for him he was clearly nervous and uncomfortable and looked as thought he wanted to get up and run. There was only 4 people includng mysef at the meeting. Anyway he was shifting around the whole time , it was quite hard to watch someone like that actually, i felt like running over an telling him he could stop and it was ok!He spoke fo about 10 mins then the other3 of us said something small in response – that took about 10 mins and then another guy just announced it was over. A rush job as someone on here told me. I was disaapointed but i know from my 1st experince there not all like that so i will go again!

Was speaking to my counsellor again last week an we spoe about my detox and me possibly going on a lefoxidine course to help with my detox off methadone , im on 20 mls now, will be reducing to 15mls this wed. She gave me some literature on it and im going to go over it with my doc this wed as he wasnt there last week for some reason. The headaches have gone aswell , i dont thnk they were anythig serious, maybe just a side affect of being on such a low dose of methadone. Apart from that my shitty mood has completley lifted and iv been really happy the last week…its nice to feel complete happiness again and im hoping it continues!!!!

Iv been thinking alot about my ex again, found some pics of the two of us together looking rally happy-even thought we were strung out….even if u just knew how he was doing .Aw well thats life i supose. Then to top it all off i had a dream about us last night , it was not a bad one but a bit weird. Anyway it was good to see him again and be in his company, even if it was nly in my dream. II stilll think that some day we will make our way back to each other. And i dont feel like its just me trying to reassure myself or anything like that, i just feel like i know it will happen

Anyway ment to be going bsck to weork this wed, hopefully i will be healed up enough. That all for now , talk to u all soon xxx P.s I hope everyone is doin really good!!!!!:)


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