I am visiting my boyfriend in South Carolina and I am so happy to finally see him!   It had been six weeks and I couldn't stand it amymore.  We saw all the places they filmed the notebook at.  And we even trespassed on property that "noah" had built for the movie because it's still private property.  Laughing

The lexapro didnt work out for me.  I started to hear voices when I would wake up in the middle of the night, soooo I had to stop taking it.  Ive been off for about a week now and I have had some dizzy spells but thats about it.  I have felt fine other than every night when we got out to dinner I kinda freak out and get really sick to my stomach.  I hate that so much.  Tonight I am going to fix dinner though so we don't have to go anywhere. Foot in mouth

I saw online that my old friends from my hs have picked a place to get married.   For some reason I am really nervous that I wont be invited.  On the other hand if I am invited it will probably be the first time I will see a lot of people from high school which was over for me about 6.5 years ago.  I really used to think I would be the first to get married out of my old friends because I was always in such committed relationships.  But if I do go Ill probably get really nervous because the best man was one of those serious committed relationships… eek, and Im sure his whole family will be there, which I still dont think they see me the same way they did a while back.  Ahh well nothing I can do.

I cant wait until Im 'grown up' and get married.  I just graduated from college and Im looking for work in upstate NY which Im sure Ive said before.  So I still feel in a big transision period.  I can't wait until thats over and Jeremy and I are settled… AND have a dog!  I think Ill listen to some awesome music and fold clothes and get ready to make dinner.  I hope everyone has been having a great summer. 

Oh and I am currently not taking any meds for my anxiety… which is a first for about 2 to 3 years.  Yeah, the only thing thats been bad so far is dinner and the dizziness. Well see!


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