I don\’t get it.  Voting is the easiest form of political/societal/world change yet some people don\’t even bother to inform themselves enough to know if their vote actually expresses their convictions. 

Take my Grandpa and my Dad for example: both are voting for the conservatives on oct 14, and i don\’t know how the hell they\’re not drowning in their own cognative dissonance.  My grandpa was a WW2 conscientious objector – ie, dude woulda died before fighting hitler – yet his vote for the conservatives is a vote to kill Afghans.  As a pacifist myself, I can\’t comprehend how another pacifist can vote for a party who jumped on Bush\’s "war on terror" bandwagon and is still killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan!

And that\’s just the tip of the iceberg… both my Grandpa and Dad are big believers of Christ and share His outlook… they value the homeless, aboriginals, health care , child poverty etc ect… (as christ said "the least amoung us" yet the cons are the one party who doesn\’t give a shit about these things… 

…I could go on but I\’m already feeling fatigued.  Politics triggers little obsessions in various ways for me.  This shit wears on me.  Injustice wears on me, especially when I see kind-hearted people exacerbating the world problems, the canadian problems, and my own problems… shit, Grandpa and my Dad give me so much money for therapy that them voting for cons is like shooting themselves in the foot!  If they want me to recieve continual help they\’r just gonna have to pay higher fees for the therapy I\’m already recieving.  I don\’t get it and it\’s dishearting.  The only reason I wanna overcome ocd and depression is so I can change some of this bullshit goin down in this global society, yet everything I stand against is every thing they\’re endorcing.  Part of me even feels resentment since they aint even gonna be around to suffer climate change\’s deathly effects so they just don\’t factor climate change into their mind processes.

So basically, if I make it to 75 and am sitting on a porch in a rocking chair and I can hardly breath the smog, I\’m gonna raise two middle fingers and loudly curse the very ones I currently love.


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