I’m so fuckin mad. My stepdad comes home from work and the first thing out of his mouth is "why is your moms car parked at so and sos house?" i’m like i dont know. She’s your fuckin wife now so maybe you should take some fuckin responsibility and if you want to know why she’s somewhere call her fuckin cell phone. She’s married to you, you stole my fuckin family away from me so don’t come home and throw questions at me about where she is. You wanted to be her fuckin husband and you ruined my family so you fuckin call her and find out your fuckin self. I’m so sick of this shit. I had a perfect family, me, my mom and my two brothers and then he has to come along and ruin everything. And now I’m expected to just not be the protector of my family but then when my mom is sad who does she come crying to? ME! When my mom is upset who does she come to? ME! Not her fuckin husband and she fuckin married him and ruined my fuckin life and now I have to like him and put up with his shit and his "rules" and i’m still taking care of my mom. But I get yelled at by my stepdad and mom if I try to take care of my brothers. I don’t have a place in this fuckin family and I’m so sick of it. I want to run away but don’t have enough money. I HATE my stepdad. He is not a dad to me and my mom wants me to love him and I put up with him for her sake because my mom and I were very close after the divorce and I don’t want to hurt her but I hate him. I hate the way he treats me and I hate the way he treats my brothers. I cringe inside when he yells at them. They don’t need to be treated that way. We never had a dad and now my brothers are teenagers and they don’t need a dad to be telling them what to do now. I raised them for 8 years and they’ve turned out fine so far but now my stepdad is in the picture so I just have to sit and take everything quietly and not stand up for my brothers when they are being yelled at because if I do then I get lectured for hours by my mom and stepdad. What did I do that was so bad that I got my family taken away from me? Yes I want my mom to be happy that is the only reason why I put up with shit from my stepdad. I had a happy family…..where did it go…..


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