So here I am…all hopes lost. Joined this site to see if i can find a little hope to know things can get better. Maybe meeting people who share the same diagnosis and symptoms can give me that little spark of light. Or maybe I’ll post this….it wont be seen…then I’ll mentally paint this picture that the feeling of worthlessness is confirmed via internet. Not seeking attention but yet rather a shoulder to lean on.

I’ve been diagnosed with psychotic depression. I just want to meet one…just one person who is familiar with the diagnosis or has it.

In my opinion…it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. This debilitating illness is far from comprehendable..that I would never wish it on my worst of enemies.

Is there hope? Will it get better like they say? Or does it consume you and slowly you disconnect from all aspects of life…until the time comes that the illness will end only when it ends you.

Is there hope? Can someone honestly say “I overcame my illness.” I’ve exhausted all options…hospitalizations, medications, docs, therapists…list goes on.
My only hope is finding someone like me.

  1. hope313 7 years ago

    Yes, there is hope. If you want to talk I am here. I often feel lost too. But don’t give up. There will always be someone who cares.

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  2. quiet1 6 years ago

    Please do seek professional help. Feeling depressed all the time is not a good thing. It’s very debilitating.

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