Fourth blog, let’s roll!

Now this’ll be a little different, since its dealing with my gender identity. Everyone knows the male and female genders, but what am I? Some days I feel female, some days I feel male. I feel more male now because I chopped 9 inches of my hair off, making my facial features – especially the jaw line – more prominent. I love being female – the whole beauty aspect of this gender is exquisite. I also love acting male – the “tough shell” and boastful nature is absolutely fun. Where do I fall in? Im biologically a female, yet I feel like I am both male and female.

I stated in my previous blog that there are only two genders, but am I wrong? Could there possibly be more scientifically proven genders out there to describe me? I researched my conundrum meticulously and I found the term “androgyny”, or “androgynous”. Could this be me? Is it even real?

Perhaps the following could assist with your reply/replies?

• My wardrobe is mainly t-shirts and jeans (not skinny jeans), with some fancy blouses and dress pants.

• My voice is slightly deeper and more profound than the standard female, yet slightly higher pitched than a male.

• My body language is a mix of both genders. The “graceful” walk and sashay of a female, and the neutral standing position of a male.

• I manspread, despite my lack of male genitalia. But I also cross my legs.

• I normally enjoy more gender neutral activities – video games and YouTube.

• My body type is curvy.


• Im the sexually dominant one in a relationship.

What am I? Am i female, male, “androgynous”? Please assist me in this regard.

– Purae

  1. Purplebutterfly80 5 years ago

    Wow, do you really need to have to identify yourself as either. You are born female but also dress,act and behave as a male. I myself am a female but when I put on certain clothes I feel manly, but have a sexy lil walk but sit with my legs open in a dress and pants. But I think that the way social media has things now day, has some young folks having a hard time defining themselves and try so hard to fit in. All I can say is be you and love the boy and the girly side of you….U R A HUMAN BEING

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    • Author
      puraeomallia 5 years ago

      Thank you for your words of advice. I wrote this blog out of frustration, confusion and sadness because I had no idea what I was – and I still don’t know what I am. Im always asked about my gender and I never tell them a straight forward answer, and that infuriates people. “We don’t know what to call you!” they’d say. I don’t know either ‍♀️

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