So let me say im a lil offended by a blog i guess its noth n new i know we all have different oppinons and i agree with it up till the last part where she makes what i take as a smat remark that i thought was un called for i mean i havent been on this site to long and im get n alot of support and im do n my best to return it but when i saw this i felt disappointed in a way i mean i bet she has had some negative remarks or comments but the last sentence wont leave my head she wrote say n how alot has changed on the site and how some people r get n support la di dah ect and then the end she put you cant comment like i dont dont care i dont know im probly make n a big deal out of noth n i just want to give back what these kind fellow members give me daily and when i c this its like negative energy we dont need here u know well thats what i had to say u can take it however im gonna keep b n a nice member here and show n support to the people who want it OH AND U CAN COMMENT ON MY STUFF BECAUSE I VALUE EVERYONES OPINIONS!!!! i know well are all people who have differt thoughts and views but we should come together as a suppot system for all of us its cool how i can c others views and get a different perspective on my issues i dont know about everone else and yes i say what is on my mind and i really cant help it so sorry if i offened anyone but i felt offended today well love ya and have a good day/night      – katelyn –

  1. Sweetsolitude 12 years ago

    Sophie made the same point  regarding private blogs very clearly, & with just the right amount of humor & sarcasm ;). No offense necessary.

    As some may remember, we USED to have WARS around here – sometimes boring is good…

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  2. maggie 12 years ago

    I am still of the opinion that if someone wants their blog private then it should not be published on the main board at all. There have been many times I would like to read the entire blog because there is something there that could possibly help me or that I have experienced and maybe have some helpful or supportive things to say.

    For whatever reason the whole thing offends me too. It sort of makes me feel like I am in high school again and have that feeling of being left out. It may not have any merrit but feelings are feelings.

    Try not to take it personal because these people do not know you. You are always supportive and I have noticed you go out of your way to be kind and caring. I know if you were given the opportunity to comment on the private blogs your advice and support would help anyone. Their loss, not yours.

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  3. TigerLilyy 12 years ago

    I agree with you, and it think its great you're speaking out about something like this that has offended you. It's true on here we all do need to come together that is the whole point of this site.  Yeah we all have different opinions but that is what makes this so great. 


    I love getting everyones opinions and support as well, you've also been a great help to me the past couple of days so thank you =]

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