Went to my new therapy group last night.  It was really stressful trying to find the place.  But I eventually got there and they were really great!  I was super nervous.  Everyone was really welcoming, and there was a lot of sharing.  I opted to be a sponge for this session.  There was one woman who shared a lot of her current concerns and I was already feeling protective of her.  I had a little outburst of tears in the middle of her sharing.  Which was a little embarassing (I hate crying and I just met these people).  I just felt her pain so powerfully, I emphathized and it leaked out my eyes.  It was such a powerful reaction and it surprised me.  But everyone was really kind about it and concerned.  It was really sweet.   So, I think I\'ll go back.  I got a really good feeling about everyone. 


Today I got some bad news though.  I was at volunteering when I found out that a very good friend of my very good friends was killed.  I was really shocked and heart broken.  I cried and prayed a lot today, but I was determined to help my friends.  I got the idea to make food for my closest friend(whose husband took the news really hard).  I took the dinner to them and they invited me and my husband to stay and eat, so we all comforted each other by talking and laughing. It was all good therapy for the soul.  I\'m very glad that we got to spend time uplifting each other. 


On another note, my mother called me back today after we had talked about the loss of this awesome person. And she told me that I didn\'t quit everything. She told me that she was thinking about how much I followed through and accomplished despite the odds.  That really meant a lot to me. 🙂 So sad day, but really good too.  I love my peops.  I am a super lucky woman.


PS. I feel the need to dye or cut my hair in times of change.  Today I am dying my hair red.

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  1. katyellis76 11 years ago

    im glad that u had a good group session thats awesome even if u didnt say much going there and staying is awesome im so sorry for the loss of your friend but its good to know that you were there for your friend and helped them through this hard time thats what true friends are and another thing im sure youll look fab with red hair keep up the awesome work and have a good weekend – kate

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