I need out. I can’t keep doing this but I’m scared to go. What if they find me? What are they going to do to me? I know they’ll look for me but if they succeed my life is over. CPS won’t do shit and they already think I’m a liar. I have gotten so many offers from people I know to be taken in and their homes are so much more peaceful than mine; their parents so much kinder and understanding. I have to leave. If they find me I’ll leave again. By next year, they won’t be able to do anything to me legally, but I have to make it until then. I need to stay alive until I can finally be free from their toxic bullshit. I’m leaving and I’ll make it out. Anxiety and fear be damned.

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  1. iris-dar 5 months ago

    Hello ….Thing to Do, This is Iris,

    First of all take a deep breath,… done?…..take another…. try to relax, ok?

    Using Simple Single words tell me what is the problem?

    If you find a place to stay, please try to talk to their parents. Breathe, tell them what is going on. Breath again, communicate.

    Have you tried walking into your local library and asking for some help? They are a great source of information. Maybe a church (if you are so inclined?)

    Wishing you the best, Iris

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