Hi guys decided to start writing somewhat of a blog.  Make my page a little bit more interesting.  I'm a 21 year old guy going to law school and living in the Deep South.

 I like the outdoors a lot – hiking, camping, fishing, cooking, 4wheeling, shooting sports – and I love my weekends.  I also like to play soccer or at least I used to but my anxiety now gets in the way.  I play piano, speak English and French, and guess thats about it.

 Just finished my third exam – Criminal Law.  I think it went pretty well.  I have my fourth exam on Thursday – Torts.

 Ate some good food today at the cafeteria – fried pork chop, chicken and dumplings, cornbread, a roll, potatoes au gratin, butter beans, and green beans.

Also sold a gun.  I had bought a Ruger P345 pistol about a month ago for self defense at home and also for shooting practice at the firing range I go to over in Irondale.  Bought it new for $450 but of course as soon it goes out the door its used and marked down significantly.  Need the money for Christmas it was probably shortsighted but I got talked into it with the Bass Pro Shops 10 percent markdown and credit card deal.  Managed to sell it for about $225 after talking to some dealers on the phone and taking it in.  Most refused to give a price for it over the phone and evidently the place that told me it would sell for much much less I did not take it too.  biggrin  $225 I have back and well another $200 or so for stupidity to pay over time.  Few short days and I'm done with exams.  Hope y'all enjoyed my blog and maybe I'll write some more.


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