Dear Tribe Friends and Family, last monday evening i had a scale of one to ten a scale size 6 heart attack. yesterday mr cardiologist had me do a stress test on my heart. it came back abnormal. so today he did an angioplasty and by the grace of God nothing was majorally wrong with my heart except, when they did the originsl triple by pass almost there was some dead skin left on the heart cavity. it along with stress and anxiety brough along this latest chest expisode. so i quit smoking and have got to learn to lower my stress level. stress caused me to become a full blown diabetic 16 yrs ago. thank you for all your prayers they were appreciated. Merry Christmas and cheryl's and my best wishes for an awesome new Year in Recovery. be grateful for the gifts you have been givne and not the ones you might recieve. be sure to live in the prsent and enjoy the "gift" for what it is. another day clean.

NA hug and love, JJ and cheryl scroll down and read this other part of my post please.

'Twas the night before Christmas, we were all in the club,
Enjoying a meeting, instead of a pub.

The ashtrays were clean, and the coffee was made,
The Big Books were out and then we all prayed.

When out in the lot, there arose such a clatter,
We all jumped up to see what was the matter.

The Chair with his Big Book, and I with my smokes,
Headed outside to find these two blokes.

They came inside and sat at a table;
And said that they'd chair, as soon as they're able.

To start with, they said, "It's more than not drinking;
It's doing your best to have God fix your thinking."

"First Things First!" and the slogans we used,
Help keep the newcomer from getting confused.

Step 1 is a start, they said we should know,
But after Step 2, we'll be all aglow.

We make a decision when we got to Step 3,
Step 4 was a bit tough, we all could agree.

Step 5 is the one where we let it all out,
And after Step 6 and 7, we're left with no doubt.

When we got to Step 8, we made our full list;
And then with Step 9, we have to persist.

After Step 9, more promises ring true;
We didn't just make that up, right out of the blue.

After that, it's on with the rest;
The things we must do, to be our best.

Step 10 helps keep it clean whenever there?s a rift,
That?s why it says ?when we were wrong? and not ?If?.

Step 11 tells us we pray for knowledge and power,
And that we insist on enjoying life, we are not dour.

Step 12 we carry the message of faith, love, and hope
After having a spiritual awakening we no longer mope!

They put on their coats and got ready to leave;
A very good end, for this Christmas Eve.

As to their names, we only could guess;
Must have been Bill W. and Dr. Bob S.

The two men hopped into a '35 Ford,
And as they pulled out, one of them roared:

"We leave this message, for our sisters and brothers:
Trust God, clean house, and be of service to others.

And for all of you people, I just want to say:
Have a nice holiday, and don't drink today!"


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