I cant believe how much it hurts to fail a class. I have never failed a class in my life, and suddenly I get to college, work my butt off and fail. It hurts so much, and its not like I can tell anyone because no one understands how much it hurts me. I have a brother who is a genius (and that’s not an exaggeration). I tried so hard to pull my grade up, but nothing I did helped and then I got a failing grade. I do my best not to cry in front anyone especially my brother. But here I am typing this and trying soooo hard not to cry but I needed to type it.

When I took the class I was so excited because I could not wait! And I thought it would be fun, well I was wrong, and now I cannot pick my mood up. I feel like I am such a failure, and I cant do anything about it. And next semester I take the second part of the class and I don’t know what to do,


  1. visualist 11 years ago

    If you did your best, don't beat yourself up over it. Failure in a class doesn't make you a failure as a person. It's a class and nothing more.

    If I may ask, what class was it? What can you do now to move beyond the feeling of failure? Can you find a tutor to help you through the next class?

    I feel your frustration and I hope you can move beyond these feelings soon.

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  2. therisenfirebird 11 years ago

    It was British Literature, and i tried to get a tutor for this class but there wasnt one, so idk

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  3. visualist 11 years ago

    Do you know anyone who's taken the class and gotten a good grade? Was there anyone in the class you just took that got a good grade that would be willing to help you? . . . just more thoughts.

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  4. therisenfirebird 11 years ago

    everyone in there but me got a good grade, but either way im not retaking it, i dont think my heart could handle it

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