(GUS= Great Universal Spirit)

Thursday afternoon at work I was so stressed out my shoulders were bricks! My neck was killing me! I mentioned to GUS and a coworker that I really wanted/needed a massage – (dreaming) a full hour massage at the Reef! (It's a local hotel spa) I dreamed on…wouldn't it even be nicer if I didn't have to drive home afterward…if I could afford to get a massage at HOME…Ahhh! Wouldn't that be wonderful!? Ah well. Back to work!

That night a lady called to say a friend gave her my number and would I be able to help her son with his wedding invitations? He bought the card stock but his friend's printer broke…he was all stressed out over it and she couldn't help! She didn't know what to do. I said ok, you can give him my number and we'll see what he needs. (I also thought the timing was great…I could sure use the money!

Well, he called Saturday and we agreed he and his fiance would come over Sunday morning. While working on their invitation, I thought of my own girls and how I didn't get to do this type of thing for their weddings. I told the young couple I'd like to just put this into the Universe and not take their money if that was ok.

He ask if I would be interested in a trade for body work? Huh? He said, "I'm a massage therapist at the Reef. I could bring my table tonight when we pick up the invitations and give you a full body massage right here in your living room… if that would be OK with you. 

The invitations turned out great and I got an hour deep tissue massage right in my living room …Ahhhhh! I also made wonderful new friends and today an invitation to their wedding. 

I just LOVE the way GUS works!


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