She presses her lips together and with one hand in her jacket pocket the other softly brushes her golden locks from her face. She squints through the sunlight, down the street. She can see a car quickly approaching. She turns her back and continues walking. She can feel the spring in the air. With deep breaths she fills her lungs with the stagnate, sun filled air. She waits for the cool breeze to come and whisk away the staleness from around her body, giving some relief to her face that is slowly releasing small beads of sweat. Her breathing is getting more labored as she continues walking up a small hill in the road. In the distance she can see nothing but blue skies and white clouds. Nothing beyond her, on the precipice of the world. The whiz of the car passing briefly startles her, making her heart quicken. She smiles to herself. To her right there is nothing but rolling green hills with tall grasses and tiny white and yellow flowers scattered about. To her left there is another grassy field, this one more flat with short grasses and a dozen or so cows. She glances down the street and quickly crosses to the left side. Leaning against the wooden post she is filled with the pungent aroma of fresh grasses and cow manure. There is a small tan calf huddled closely to his mother, gently nudging her utters signaling he is hungry. She carefully slips between the barbwire and starts to slowly walk through the field, careful not to step in any patties. The cows continue to go about their business while keeping a watchful eye of the visitor. The mother cow and her calf slowly move to the edge of the heard. She keeps walking, out past the cows to crest of the hill. Sitting she crosses her legs facing the cows and the road. She unzips her jacket feeling the slightly brisk air tantalize her skin, raising goose bumps. Bundling her jacket she lays it behind her and eases her body back. The clouds form and change quickly. All abstract pictures of teddy bears, birds and boats. Closing her eyes she spreads her arms wide; feeling the grasses poke her skin and the wind washing over her. She smiles briefly before letting out a mournful cry, exhaling all the pent up fear and anger. Tears stream over her cheeks and fall softly against the grass. Emptying all that she has kept bound for so long, until her sobs become whimpers. Breathing heavily she still lay spread across the ground, gently wiping away half dried tears from the corners of her eyes. Now she can turn to face the world once more.


Copyright 2008 Jade Clark

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