I have had major writer’s block for months now, as I was interested in writing my first short story.   I’ve been working on it a bit more tonight, but this is all I have so far.   I used to think it was good, but now I am realizing that it really quite sucks!    Anyways, any comments would be welcome! Thanks.
She lies motionless, hoping the stillness of her body will deter the thoughts from taking over her already cloudy mind.  They scratch at her like a dog, desperate to be let in from the cold. The cool early morning breeze floats through the window she had left cracked the night before. She begins to tremble as every little white hair on her pale, almost ghostly arms, stand up, as if at attention, privy to what¢s to come next. A passers-by headlights blind her already strained eyes as she slowly, almost robotically, pulls her sweat-soaked blanket up and over her head. She clenches her eyes and holds them tight so as to stop the tears she feels welling up from falling. The rising and falling of the damp blanket against her clamy, cool skin reminds her to slow down her breathing.   She inhales slowly and deeply, alowing the uncirculated air into her aching lungs. Pulling her knees into her chin and making herself as small as possible, she desperately wishes she could find comfort in the sound of her own breathing. It begins to dawn on her, however,  that it is happening yet again and there is nothing she can do to stop it. She lets out a small gasp as she feels it begin to lower itself upon her, sucking the life out of her, hungry for a taste of the strength she possesses.

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