Hello everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been on in a few days~ there has been so much going on.. I didn't go to my Dad's on the West Coast of FL like I had planned. I couldn't deal with the drive and wasn't sure I could spend that much time with my father. I love him but he can be very cold and critical to both me and my little boy. I grew up with that, I can still hear him growling my full name every time I do something he would think was stupid (ie. spill milk, trip because I'm clumsy, ask a question that he didn't like, etc…). I don't want to put Zachary through that until he's old enough to see his grandfather for what he truly is. At nearly 7 years he's just not capable of handling that kind of emotional beating on his self-esteem.

I haven't been on much because I'm feeling low and I'm also pretty busy taking care of my son and my Aunt who just had her hip replaced. Between the 2 of them I feel like I have no energy left to spend on "me" things, like blogging or posting pretty pics for my friends here or talking to each of you individually. I'm sorry. It makes me feel as if I'm letting many of you down.

So for a little while I may not be on much. I'll check in when I can, and answer any messages I get as soon as possible. Thank you all for your support and kindness. Your understanding about what this illness does to you and your life helps immensely.

I hope that you all are well. I miss you each and will talk with you again soon I hope.

*(HUGS)* and love~ Key

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  1. landscaper 11 years ago

    Hun,you are NOT letting anyone down!!! you take care and i hope you feel better soon. (((hugs))) always,Les…

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