As a loyal and patriotic American I feel it is my duty to offer my two cents on a periodic basis…

I think our country has become the most divided it has been since the civil war. Some may wonder why. As a country we have become like two siblings having an ongoing disagreement. Freud developed a term known as neurotic transferrence in the context of an individual undergoing psychoanalysis. An individual’s behaviors and beliefs are merely manifestations of the impressions made by the parents and all ensuing personal encounters with others during the child’s formative years. Developmental Psychology experts would unanimously agree that a direct correlation exists between adults with severe personality disorders and problems with early parental bonding and relationship building during the developmental years. It is common that grown men and women spend their adult lives reliving their childhoods and attempting unconsciously to resolve oedipal and paternal conflicts. People with such issues act them out in all sorts of ways. Usually, the consequences are confined to small family or social units. On occasion, impaired people end up in places where they have great responsibility for the welfare of others.

Some people cannot think in abstract terms. The world is always interpreted in a concrete manner. They are more likely to conform to fundamentalist religious doctrines and literal biblical interpretations. The modern Republican Party is a haven for such a mentality. A Myers-Briggs or MMPI will easily identify such personality traits with features of strong judgmental tendencies toward others, easy to anger if disagreed with, inability to experience an evolution or useful growth of their knowledge base. Hypothetically speaking, if such a person were the leader of a great nation that somehow became mired in an unwinnable war, such an individual would probably continue to ignore advice from knowledgeable people and insist on doing things his way despite the costs in lives and human suffering. Men of such character historically have fought ’till the bitter end.Remember General Custer. Thinking and truly moral individuals must pray that the next two years end at record speed. There is not a lot of faith remaining for our legislative branch to save our country for in the recent past there has been no support fordissenters showing back bone. Just like the average government employee most Congressmen and Senators think of saving their own skin before anything else. Constituents don’t really matter except during election years.

The current administration is a behavioral scientists dream. After this is over there will be scores of books written and movies made on the years America slept. Most who would speak out now are too intimidated to risk reputation and even life to take risks that won’t profit them at all in the current political environment. The power of the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, DEA, Secret Service are obvious to informed individuals. It is not science fiction or paranoia that these agencies can and do literally get away with murder. The safest policy for citizens remains one of total ignorance and fear. If you are an ignorant coward your government will protect you.

I have developed into what has been labeled a liberal, which I take pride in. Lately, I have developed a respect for true conservatives. Neo Cons have a way of changing any persons thinking. I draw the line at Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, et al. To me they are intolerable extremists. But now I will listen to even Pat Buchanan and find common ground here and there.

I have lost all trust and faith in the current government. All my hope lies in 2008. I hope our country will continue to awaken from this seemingly never ending nightmare we have allowed ourselves to slip into. Many people who read this will see me as the one lacking an understanding of reality. I ask that you file the page away in a safe place and come back and read it in five years. I am confident your thinking will have changed greatly by that time.


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