So I went to a councellor (or so I thought) yesterday
I was under the impression that I would just walk in, get aquainted, and then start talking with a councellor, maybe a few times a week
It was way different than thought however, and I am slightly disappointed

It was more of a meet and a greet than anything. We did however talk for a good 30-40 minutes about all the problems I have etc and it really did feel great to finally tell someone. I think it was the first time in my life where I actually wanted to keep talking after I left
Also the girl I was talking to was very young , nice and I think I love her|
so that's that

At the end of it, she told me I wouldn't be starting off talking one-on-one
She told me the best medicine would be doing cognitive behavioral therepy (which I was glad to hear, as I have read a lot about it and it does seem like the best method for help)
So that was awesome, then she told me it would be with a group of 20 people, all of whom are in the same boat as me (anxiety/depression)

I was just like, "wut"
there's barely 20 people in my town
not really, but it is a very tiny town, I was surprised to hear that so many people were dealing with this

She said the group starts in July (which again, disappointing I have to wait a while before I can start getting help), then she told me that 20 people in a group was "full". She said that a few people usually drop out before it starts though, which is why she thinks I'll be able to get a spot in July. But if I don't, another one starts in August.

In any case, I would rather not wait all that time, sucks yo

But at least it's something

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  1. Sawyer25 9 years ago

    I don\'t have that big of a problem with it
    she told me it was more effective and what not in a group so,
    i\'ll at least try it out first and if it\'s terrible, i\'ll just do what you guys said and try to find someone else

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