Hello. I just want to say…I’m sorry you feel this way. I’ve been feeling like that too…for months now, the physical act of breathing, of being alive, feels like a chore. But it’s okay. We’ll get through it.

Not everyone can hang on like we’re doing right now, and it’s sad but true…so instead of leaving and giving in like they did, we have to keep going. Only we can decide our futures, how bright they are, who we become…so we have to hang on and continue going, for the light that’s ahead of us.

Things won’t always be easy, but that’s okay…because they DO get better. Things will get better, for you, for me, for everyone who’s feeling this way, we just have to keep pushing because there are great things waiting for us on the other side. There is ALWAYS going to be someone who loves us, someone who needs us to stay alive, so we have to live for them. We have to keep going for them, and for ourselves…for our futures.

So don’t give in, okay? Take this as a sign…things will get better. Just keep going, and keep aiming to help yourself, and we’ll make it through. No matter how hard it is…one day, we’ll be able to look back at these hopeless moments and say “we made it. we survived.” because we are STRONG. And you’re doing amazing, staying alive this long…so stay strong. You got this. Don’t give up just yet, and things will get better…I’m sure of it.

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  1. thiscantbemylife 2 years ago

    I just joined the Tribe today. This is the first thing I’ve read. I appreciate it. Part of me knows these things, but the rest of me says there no way it’s in the cards for me. Regardless of how I feel as a whole, I truly did find this helpful and I hope things do get better for us all.

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