I woke up this morning feeling really anxious.  I slept good and I don't remember having any bad dreams, I just woke up with my mind racing and breathing fast.  I have been pushing myself the past couple of days with my driving.  I have made myself go out and drive a couple of miles a day and that has sent my anxiety through the roof.  I wonder if by pushing myself I have been having more anxiety than I'm aware of.

I got up and took a bath, that always seems to calm me down a little.  I was fine until I got out of the bath, them the feelings started to hit me.  I decided to take a xanax, which I never have to take in the morning, but I took one and now I feel a little calmer.

I haven't had problems for a very long time with anxiety at home.  I used to have daily panic attacks at home and that caused me not to leave my home.  Over the summer I got out and started riding my bike and walking which was a big step for me and now that I want to drive again, my anxiety is so high. 

I have someone coming over today and I never get anxious about having someone come over to the house, but for some reason this morning I'm worried about it.  I know that I will be ok, but it's getting the thought to catch up to my body letting it know that I will be ok. 

All I can say is Anxiety is terrible, but i know the more you fight it the worse it gets or even avoiding it.  I have been avoiding it way to long and now I'm having to face it more and it is coming back strong.  However, I know I can make it through this, i just need to keep taking baby steps and it will someday leave me alone.  Wouldn't that be great, no more panic attacks, no more avoiding anxiety situations.

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  1. debs 13 years ago

    how lovely that would bve eric in reference to your last sentence.  I hope and pray one day that it will happen for us.

    debs xxx

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