as per my last blog about my wife Cheryl haing surgery. it went well and she is now home. the operation took 3 hrs and 15 minutes. she has multipla fybroid tumors and lost 2 pints of blood. so it was not just a simple hysterectomy. but she has an excellent ob/gyn that took great care of her. i had to stay in a motel for 2 nights. i got to bring her home thursday night. she is in a bit of pain but cannot take pain medications of any kind because they make her even sicker. so i do wish to thank you for all your prayers they were greatly needed and appreciated. i am finally just about back to my normal asshole self so be on the lookout for more posts on the positive effect recovery can have on one;s mental and emotional state of being.

i especially want to thank my dear long distant friend Liam over on the Emerald Island of Ireland. my friend your wise words of encourement have helped me through some truly rough times. you see it does not matter how much time you have in the program it;s what you do with the time you have but it does matter if your reaching out to the newcomer or not. they don;t understand the process of recovery yet. it’s up to us with some time under our belts to do just that. HELP them discover what we have been given so freely and without reservations.

yes even some of us oldtimers get complacent in our daily journey in recovery but the best part we can recognize it and get back on the road to recovery anddo what we have to do to keep moving forward and helping our fellow recovering addict. so remember no matter how bad your life feels someone else has it worse than we do. be grateful for what you have and what you can  give to your fellow addict. life is a circle sunrise to sunrise to sunrise. stay clean and be good to yourselves Na Hugs,




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