There should be a suicidal support group. I feel like it’s only a matter a time before I can’t take myself anymore.

It’s so hard to deal with being so bipolar. On one hand I genuinely feel like I shouldn’t be here and on the other hand I feel excited to enjoy life. This sucks and I need support.

I look at my body  and i just think……”why me?”

I feel my soul and I think….”why me?”

I want to die bc i can’t fix myself and I know this to be true. And I have nobody to cry to. It’s so hard to talk to people bc I’m in soooo much pain emotional and physically. Like I don’t ever expect people to make me feel better but I don’t trust people to not betray me in some way shape or form(aka make me feel worse). I just feel like I would rather not try. It’s not worth the disappointment. I conclude that there is no safety in this world… least my portion of this world.


Sad and Depressed and Lonely and Angry




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  1. brayden916 3 years ago

    Hey there. I am familiar with many of the emotions of sadness, anger, feelings of hopelessness and despair that you expressed in your post. Today being a difficult day is what led me to make this account. I haven’t thought about ‘ending it’ because I have seen far far too many YouTube videos of people who tried to ‘off’ themselves who essentially succeeded and woke up in a exceedingly worse place than Was filled with a far more severe degree of the suffering they were experiencing on this earth. Doctors/and or kind intervention from the Lord retroactively rescued the person from a permanent (and I mean truly permanent) result from a temporary problem.

    As you know plainly, Life is difficult :-/
    But please consider watching ‘Todd Whites testimony’ on youtube. It was somewhat of a game
    changer for me. The Lord has a plan for people’s life that ends much better than we can imagine. I truly believe that. Don’t know ya but I wish you the absolute best. Please, for your sake, check it out 🙂
    God bless
    -Brayden from TN

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