I had my surgery on monday to have temporary wires put in my spine in the lower back area.  I have to wear a box size unit which gives me a electrical zaps for my bladder.  It is in a way training my bladder to urinate on its own.   The doctor said, most people with the nerve problem in there bladder usually takes 3-4 days before they can urinate on there own with this unit.    I was able to urinate on my own at 30 hours.  Up to that point I was still having to cath myself.   With the wires where they are it is pretty sore to sit down and lying down in bed gets interesting as I have been trying more pillows just to pad the wires up.  My lower back looks all bruised up.   I can't bend over to pick anything up or do any household chores as the doctor doesn't want the wires to get pulled out.   So far the doctor says, it looks like I will do fine with the permanent unit which is the size of a pace maker and with the permanet unit all the wires will be on the inside.   I maybe getting the temporary wires out in the next week or two.  In till then with trhese wires it makes it real intesting to bathing and washing my hair as I can't get my back as the wires can't get wet at all.  I have been living on pain killers alot as it hurts alot just to walk or even move around.   But I try to look at the positive side of all this which is Im now able to uriante without having to cath as that is great to me.


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