If  Then…  By: doogie2008 

If the chief incalculable in life,

Is undaunted the human will. 

If the primary determinate in science,

Is the limit of only the mind's boundary. 

If the end state of what we face,

Matches not to the beginning we started with. 

If the joy you found in youth,

Remains into the silvered years of age.

If sorrow it is you do not seek,

Save for the loss of a life unrequited. 

If it is hope you find in between moments,

Those you sought but never found. 

If in determination of finality you wish,

After the die and cards have themselves cast.

If approval from your peers you never find,

But for achievements sake you cast off expectations. 

If a cancer patient can smile,

Despite the pain the child laughs. 

If young man or woman can go on with life,

Letting not Hiv determine who they are. 

If a young girl who a lonely path faces,

Finds the spirit to bear a child alone. 

If a young soldier raises his nation's flag,

After being mortally wounded refuses to quit.

If a young medic against the clock races,

Knowing his life he may give up to save another. 

If a father can say goodbye to his son,

As off to war his child goes. 

If a Mother can pray for her children,

When they have turned their backs to her. 

If an elderly woman can go to college,

Because it is never too late or early. 

If a holocaust survivor forgives the past,

And hopes for a peaceful future.  

If a Doctor can treat the poor for free,

For no good deed goes without a blessing.  

If a complete stranger walks by you,

Turns and thanks you for the inspiration. 

Then do not ask yourself why but how,

Rather what if or when. 

Then with undulating recompense rejoice,

Dance and sing and laugh for the sake of humor. 

Then in peace find your silence,

Within the space and span of this life. 

Then at days end compose and rejoin this chapter,

Walk not away but towards the future. 

Then share of yourself- of yourself,

Hold not back a sliver of what you offer. 

Then do what you will as you will,

For not all the pages have written themselves. 

Then do not give up on what life demands,

Persevere till the day is won. 

Then move on from this moment,

Knowing you have done your best. 

Then embrace others differences,

They are your own do not forget.



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