This blog is in response to Lilly's "dilemma" about disclosure. rhinoplasty is not a "bloodless" procedure. Heathcare workers take responsibility for their own protection but accidents happen. If a surgeon or a tech or nurse gets a needle stick or other exposure to your blood they will have to test you anyways. I know nurses who would rather not go through all the hassle that is required when you do get a needlestick, especially if the patient seems healthy…

 I was in Mexico when I blew out my knee. While in the ER , blood was taken in anticipation of me having surgery there,,(didn't happen, they don't take Discover); and they tested me , as all their patients for surgery Rountinley!! I can see this happening here.

 I disclosed to my orthopod here in the states before surgery, so my intraop and post op care would take into consideration all my medications. Maybe they would be more careful with infection, I had none. He  didn't blink twice when I informed him. Very matter of fact, asked if I had any problems he needed to know about, and of course knew what meds as they were put on the info sheet.

I could not imagine not disclosing and someone getting stuck with a needle, THEN having to disclose, this is what seems criminal and not fair to the person being stuck or their families.I remember all too well how I felt after my test came back positive. I am a healthcare worker. I must admit , and am embarrassed that my fellow providers still have an "attitude" about patients with HIV, IF they only knew!!; but I think it is more about fear, It doesn't matter how careful you are, you get stuck with dirty needles.

It is a hard thing to do, but some heathcare providers, I would like to think MOST do not have an attitude about our condition and APPRECHIATE knowing. It is part of you and helps us to take care of you!



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