I have to admit it, I cast a spell the night before last. It was a sleep spell, with lavender-valerian tea as the element of Water. I have decided to syncretize my two faiths, Christianity and Wicca. I believe in and love Jesus, and worship him, but I also still believe in Mother Gaia and Mother Selene. I consider them to be aspects of the Divine Feminine. And as I’ve said before, though I’ve rededicated my life to Christ, I can’t find His presence anywhere and I need something practical to hold onto. Wicca is that something.  I will be starting spiritual direction in April (for some reason my spiritual director wants to wait until then), and maybe then I will be able to focus more on the Christianity aspect of things, but for now I will continue to be a Witch, whilst calling upon Jesus day and night to find His presence. Once I find Jesus again, I will probably let go of Wicca, but for now it is a solid rock on which I can lean.

Yesterday was the dark moon, which astronomers call the new moon. Witches call it the dark moon, and the new moon for us is the tiny sliver of the new crescent in the sky. The new moon is tonight. The dark moon is a time of rest and quiet, although banishings are very powerful when done on the dark of the moon. I wish to set new moon intentions- to be more attentive to my husband’s needs, and to exercise more. The new moon is the bright spark of creativity, the Maiden’s birth. She is the first aspect of the Triple Goddess, the daughter, the Maiden, the fresh breath of morning. This morning we will be going on a drive to the hills, and I pray that Mother Gaia will make the world beautiful to me again. As it has been, the world has looked uglier and uglier as time has gone on. I can’t explain it other than that. I don’t know why this is happening to me. No one else seems to notice this, it’s just me.

There is a group of Wiccans known as Trinitarian Wiccans, who worship the Christian pantheon, but I went to their website and it just didn’t click with me. They don’t focus at all on Jesus’ love; I found their information on their site to be spiritually void and lacking, even from a Wiccan standpoint. And there appears to be something wrong with their website, as several links just go to the same general page. So I consider myself a Christian Eclectic Wiccan, and when I call upon the God, I call upon Jesus, and when I call upon the Goddess, I call upon Mother Gaia and Mother Selene. It works for me. I think it’s ok to mix pantheons, all are One. I am drinking black tea for courage this morning. I have a whole list of magical properties of tea. Anyway, I wish to close by saying I hope to write more in the future about syncretism and what it means to me. Blessed Be.


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