So, all that bragging I did came and bit me in the hiney. My most hated Aunt came for a visit, and if any of you have kept track of my blog, you all know I have major girl issues. Like a big ol' fibroid tumor and cysts, and cycles that have literally lasted 85 days. <-----yes. You read that right. Well, apparently now my most anxious moments now are when I am cycling. I could barely make myself walk down the street this week, let alone take the dog for a walk. I have had some super awesome dizziness going on too, with that weird pressure in my head that surprisingly only happens now when I'm on my period. Funny, eh? I'm not as scared of it as j used to, but since it's not gone- I'm still a bit worried. But my cycles are more like a normal human beings should be which means the tumor could be killing itself all on it's own, which would be awesome because I don't want to have to have a hysterectomy. My hormones are jacked up To begin with. I don't need them more jacked up. Lol. Anyway, just thought I would jot down what I have noticed. The anxiety though has still been manageable. I only had to have my husband on the phone once while j walked the dog to the end of the street and back. And tonight (since my cycle is now over and all the weird symptoms Are going away again) I made up for my lack Of walking, by driving for a mile. Just residential streets with my husband. I haven't been able to Make myself sit thru a light yet. That day will come though. Baby steps 😉 Hope you all are doing well. (((hugs)))

  1. Rubired5 11 years ago

    I to suffer horrible anxiety around that time of the month!! I will be fine the whole month until about 7-10 days before my period starts and when it starts, then I will be fine as it goes away! I hate IT! I went to see my gyne about it and they found I have a Fibroid and very low vitamin D. So I now take 5000 Iu daily of vitamin D for 2 months until I get my levels checked again. My vitamin D level was 19 and they say the normal for a woman is between 30-80 but they say in order for a woman to feel her best it should be at 50 so mine is pretty low! Anyhow sorry so long I just wanted you to know that you are not the only one suffering around that time!! I hope things get better for you!! BIG HUGS!!

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  2. MoonbeamMama 11 years ago

    Thanks guys! Part of the whole 85 day cycle thing was that I had a Mirena IUD, and as soon as I had it placed was when the worst of it started. My gyno kept telling me how awesome it would be for my cysts and my periods…I told him me and hormones don\'t mix well but he promised me it would be fine. And when I never stopped bleeding they put me on hormones and shots and all kinds of crap to try and stop it and straighten me out, but none of it ever worked. So finally I said enough was enough and had him remove it and low and behold my cycles are still a little longer than normal and a bit too heavy- but you know what? I\'m not bleeding all the dang time anymore. Isn\'t that weird? I bet the Mirena
    had nothing to do with it. At all. *end sarcasm*
    I\'m sure the fibroid didn\'t help things, but seriously…. Taking out the Mirena made things so much better! I even noticed a marked difference in my anxiety (even though I got the anxiety from something totally unrelated) within a few months of it\'s removal. And now I am way better than I ever thought i would be. Still nowhere near 100% but- I am making very rapid progress.

    I see my regular doctor again on June 5th. My appt has been pushed back twice. Hopefully 3rd times a charm, but I had magnesium and calcium on my list of things to check, I\'ll add vitamin D to it too. I was on iron for a long time because of the anemia, but since I\'m not sonar welt anemic anymore they\'ve taken me off the pills and I just make sure I eat a high iron diet with beef twice a week.

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