My name is Bryan. I’m currently a 20 year old living in Oklahoma, and I’ve had anxiety pretty much my whole life. I’ve tried medications, meditation, music, everything I can think of or find on the internet to help. While some things have worked here and there, everything eventually has stopped working so now I’m moving on to writing about my experiences. My hopes are that anyone who reads my blog will be able to feel like they aren’t alone, that they can get through whatever obstacle gets in their way.

This blog post will be a bit about my past and also a small bit of what’s happening now. I’m not sure whether I’ll post every day or every week, it just depends how much this works and how many people read these.

I was born in Snyder, Texas. I have an older half-brother and a younger sister. We lived there until I was 9 when we moved abruptly in the summer to Florida. I didn’t know why we moved until a little bit later when I found out that my parents had become addicted to crack. My dad realized there was a problem, quit cold turkey, and moved us away. My mom didn’t think there was an issue until she got arrested – and was in jail the day before my birthday. My dad became a truck driver to provide for us and was gone a lot of the time because of it. It was difficult not having him around, and eventually my parents split up due to infidelity on my mother’s part. I was bullied extensively throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and moved to Oklahoma as soon as I graduated. I have now been here for 3 years.

Presently, I live with my sister in an apartment. My dad “lives” here too and pays the bills, but he’s normally with his girlfriend all day. I’m in a complicated relationship situation with a girl 800 miles away and I’m loaded up on classes at my university. My anxiety has skyrocketed over the past few weeks and now I think it’s time to let my story help others, which will end up helping me too.


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