Well, upon meeting with my therapist and talking through our differences and him telling me that I had the option of seeking out a different therapist if I so chose. Then soon followed by me needing to reschedule my appt for Jan.6 because of my new school schedule and texting my therapist twice since Friday the 31st with NO reply. I\'m thinking that perhaps he\'s trying to give me a hint? Which is all as well because I\'m not happy and have felt that I am trying to force a relationship which is not working. I expressed to him, through tears, in our last session that even though it\'s hard for me to show up for therapy, I do anyway. I do in the hopes that ultimately it will all come to a greater good even though it\'s hard now. My uncertainty and trepidation about this process has only become more exacerbated by his lack of professionalism(when it suits him), and an obvious lack of compatibility. So, I\'m going to endeavor to find a new therapist and break the sad news to my group tonight that even though I love them, I need to move on to alternate therapy. It\'s nothing personal, this is just all a trial and error process. Right? We\'ll see how my outlook forms tonight as I reveal my intentions. I hope I can be strong for myself, and assertive with my feelings. It\'s hard though, as resolute as I sound here.

On a lighter note, classes have started, and so far everything is going well. A little intimidating in my 300-level classes, but so exciting for my brain which has been thirsting for more challenge and new knowledge. My husband has been extremely supportive, and the holidays went very, very well for me(despite a short bout with the flu on Christmas Eve). Hope everyone\'s holidays were equally awesome! Happy New Year!


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