Hi guys this is my first time on here and wanted to know if anyone has ever gone through what I have going through the last month or so and how you got through it.I have had OCD my entire life got diagnosed with it officially 3 years ago. Things were going good until one day I was really tired so I decided to have a red bull but that didn’t really do the trick so I had a coffee as well. As a result I basically got high from the caffeine and ever since I haven’t been able to shake that feeling and it is driving me crazy. It is really hard to explain it’s almost like you feel high but you aren’t and it really messes with my vision. When I look at things or walk into rooms I don’t feel the same as I did before this happened. Things just look weird and off which is basically sending an alarm system to my brain. This is just so much different than the other obsessions I have worried about because this is actually affecting the way I feel. I originally thought it was something along the lines of depersonalization/derealization but I don’t feel disconnected just off. My therapist says that I am obsessing about it and thats what is causing me to feel weird. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this any and all answers are much appreciated. It feels like I will never be the same again when I know that is just my OCD talking.



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