In my last blog I mentioned that my fears have been targeted to what if I get _____________ (insert health issue).  I do believe that this is an OCD issue as many members commented on.  I also want to state that for about 12 years I have been dealing with anxiety.  I have had all the fun sensations and symptoms that my wonderful friend anxiety has had to offer.  About a year into dealing with anxiety I had my first panic attack which was more like knocking at deaths door at least it felt that way.  From there on I have had about 6 total panic attacks since.  I have learned to cut them off ahead of time so in a sense I have made some progress in my journey.  Now I am faced everyday with relentless tension and fear. My body is like a severed nerve so sensitive to anything that may appear threatening.  The anxiety is so frustrating because it is so generalized that it is always hard to really pinpoint specifics.  I know life should not be like this.  I am glad that there is a place like anxiety tribe it is comforting to know that I am not the only one dealing with this.  Thanks for reading!    

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  1. katyellis76 12 years ago

    it is comferting to know your not alone and to know that well all have pretty much been where u r now i to get a lil paranoid about health issues but i have to tell myself that its all in my head and its crazy to worry over all these things i want to try to live my life as normal as possible and not let this thing control everything i do its a hard battle but i get more confident with everything i do every lil accomplishment helps me well if u need to talk im here have a good night
    – kate

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