Hi guys

I’m worried I might be suffering from anxiety problems apart from depression .

I shake too much when I’m angry at someone and probably taliking about it .. I notice my hands and fingers are shaking uncontrollably and my body temperature gets high since my body becomes so warm, I could hear and feel my heart beat also.

I don’t want people to think I’m scared and a weakling cause I’m not .. I’m bold, confident and strong and not scared of anyone no matter your size …

It happens to be, my neighbor had been looking for my trouble for a while now, each time I get angry and start talking about it,I get very nervous … doesn’t mean I’m scared …

Can anyone please explain this to me … I don’t know if it’s a panic attack or anxiety or nervousness. .. I’d be glad if anyone with similar symptoms offers a candid advise

Thank you 😘😘 … least I forget. I’m only 20years old


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