Okay, so yesterday I went over to Trey's house, even though I am not aloud there. We started to get "it" on, then, out of no where, my damn mother calls. I answer it and lie my ass off, saying I'm at the middle school walking around with Trey. She bought it, barely, but it bought me some time. But then, she asked what street I was on. Now, Trey and I are dressed and hauling ass to the elementary. My mom called me back, and asked what street I was on again, I told her East, and then she said she thought I was by the middle school. So I lied again. I said "I said elementary, not middle school" But, she didn't buy it, but went with it. Still, Trey and I are hauling ass to the elementary. Just as we get there, out of breath, my mom pulls up in her car with Dave. She asked why we were out of breath, and I just lied again. I told her we thought we saw her car pass by, so we walked around the block, following it. But when we found out it wasn't her car, we walked back to the school. Then, she looked at me with a "You just got caught, stop lying" face, and said "I know you were at Trey's. So don't lie to me like I'm stupid." All I said in reply, was okay. Reason why, is because saying 'okay' isn't a yes or a no. She then told me to be home by seven, then left. Trey and I hung out at the elementary for a while, then Trey walked me home, and we both decided to see other people. Even after what happened earlier. As soon as I walked inside, my mother and Dave we on my case. I paid them no mind, and just pretended to listen. I went upstairs, then came back down for food, and when I did, I had no idea what was in store for the trouble maker of me. It started with my mom lecturing me on how boy's only want one thing. Sex. I, once again, did not listen, I just pretended to. The talking turned into heated yelling. Dave said I couldn't take care of myself, even though I said I could, and I know I can. He told me to prove it, and as I walked up the stairs I replied with 'Trust me, you don't want me to'. They called me back downstairs, and we talked, well, more like yelling. I told them the way I would prove it is by running away. Dave said that, that wouldn't prove anything, besides me being a child. I fought back, telling him no. Then, my mom butted in. She said "If you run away, you'll be in foster care, and Trey will be on probation for rape" then, I flipped the fuck out. I screamed at her, saying "Trey didn't rape me" and all she said was "I know, but I don't care." Furious, I spoke the truth. I yelled "I hate you, you are such a fucking bitch." In the heat of the arguement, I don't remember what she said back. All I do remember, is me going up to my room, and crying my eyes out. My mom wouldn't stop calling me downstairs so she could talk. She didn't want to 'reason' with me, she just wanted to yell at me more. I screamed to her from upstairs saying she was the last person I wanted to talk to, and for her to leave me the fuck alone. She still wouldn't stop telling me to come downstairs. So, in need of comfort, I confided in my brother, Zack, by going into his room, and asking him to make them leave me alone. Instead of saving me from the hell I was going through, he just acted like a dick. So, I cried myself out of his room and said "nobody understands me" to the world. I went to sleep soon after that, I can't remember whether I was in tears or not, either way, the sleep saved me from life. And I needed that. I guess no one will ever really understand a person like me. I guess I'm just here, for some reason unknown. I have yet to find my reason to live, but tomorrow is another day. A new day. Hit me harder life.



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