So… School has started and I can already tell this will be a rough year. Senior year. One of the hardest schedules any of the councelors have ever seen. Senioritis already kicking in and it's only the fourth day… This will be rough. Thankfully, we have these new chrome books this year (which are like mini laptops that are endorsed by chrome. They are really obnoxious and only semi useful but… I have the sound of keys typing again. Don't get me wrong, I love my tablet and all. I'm on it ALL the time. But I've missed the sound of the keys typing as I type. As a writer, it's kind of necassary that you are in love with this sound because you will be typing on the computer all the time and if you find this sound annoying… well… you'll be in for a rough time. But It's the simply things really that make my mood a little better. Like just hearing these keys type are already calming me down a little. They finally unblocked this site on the chrome books (because they can monitor what you are doing and what you get on even when you are at home and everything…. Not cool but it's not like I'm going to be doing anything illegal so I guess it's whatever.) and I'm just so happy that they did because I honestly hate getting on here using my tablet. I hate getting on web browser in general because my tablet starts going really slow if i use it too much… or at all sometimes… haha.

Anyways… I can't remember what else I wanted to say… Meh… I'll just come back on here later if I remember. For now I should crack at some of this homework before I lose the motivation and go back to my game. haha. Talk to y'all later I suppose!!


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