So I decided to go out last night. What was supposed to be one drink turned into wayy more. I just felt like getting out, definitely regretting it today. Almost missed my class this morning then spent the rest of my day in bed (not cause I was hungover, I was tired and feeling down all day). Basically, now I feel like a complete waste for doing nothing all day. I'm still tired and I have to study for my exam tomorrow. I can't wait for this week to be over.

Like I said in my blog the other day, I've been feeling lonely. The past is still controlling my mind most of the time . I hope I can kick this spell soon. It's not that I don't have people in my life, because I do. I have a few good friends, unfortunately we are all far away from eachother. Im going home this weekend to see my family and my best friend. I hope this helps.

One last lttle thing to get off my chest. I'm single and I finally started dating again. I have some serious mixed feelings on it. I'll think someone is nice then next thing I know they are just trying to hook up. I AM NOT JUST A PIECE OF ASS. I'm tired of feeling this way. I'm a person too, I have thoughts and feelings. I'm not here to be somebodys whore. I'm so frustrated. There is more to me than my physical appearance. Another reason for my mixed feelings is I can't tell if I develope feelings for someone because I actually like them or because I like the attention. I worry that I think I like someone because I've been tired of being alone. And after my last relationship, I dont know if I trust my judgment when it comes to relationships.


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