The bird in the picture flying away from the tree  is panicking because he doesn’t know where his parents are!

They didn’t come back to the family birdhouse yesterday! The poor little guy keeps flying back to his home looking for them   Then, hops up to me screeching!  He seems like he wants me to help him. We have a bird feeder within view of the little guy and thankfully he is able to fly! He is spending too much time on the ground  in his panic though with predators that could harm him! I suppose me being on guard for the neighbors cat to show up ready to chase it off or mist it with a spray bottle with lemon essential oil drops if he is persistent on messing with orphan bird is the best I can do for him!

He is even looking in the other bird houses for his  Mommy and Daddy! Poor little guy!

Regarding the quote, the more I reflect on this the more it makes sense! It isn’t selfish to watch out for yourself because it your job to cherish and protect you! No one else will ever be able to do that as well you can!

Time spent worrying about trying to fix people is better spent in different ways! If you accept people for who they are and decide if the relationship is healthy or not, let people go if needed! Just imagine how much time isn’t wasted! Just think of the healthy people that could be coming into your life instead of being drained or upset with the wrong person or people! Why waste the energy having them in your life, your thoughts etc!

Meanwhile, I sit here with spray bottle in my hand guarding my little bird 🐦 buddy just in case that cat comes hunting! I may a bird mom but I am mom period and my love and devotion goes beyond my human offspring!

I love and cherish  my wild birds, wild rabbits, butterflies, toads and frogs! I will protect them all from the neighbors cat and the toads, frogs and butterflies from drowning in the pool and bird baths! They seem to know it and feel very comfortable around me.   The frogs and toads jump in the pool and swim with me and wait for me to get them out with a net when I am done!

Toads hop along side of me with me while I skim the pool waiting for me to swim with them! Humming birds flutter right next me while I water the flowers and tropical plants.

Butterflies land next to me while I sit outside! They stay and linger as if to visit!

The huge Wolf spiders have “swim” meets in the pool   They swim upside down and like to rest on the ladder  on the underside of the rungs and back of the bars! I have to inspect the ladder before getting out of the pool to avoid a painful bite.

Remove bed skirts from your bed to prevent brown recluse bites while you are in bed in case one gets in your home!

I have seen living brown recluses in the pool walking on the bottom as well.   I have been bitten by one of those twice.

If you get any “mystery” spider bites, clean the wound area with bleach and repeat several times a day for many days.    Draw a circle around the bite and if redness spreads beyond the circle, go get medical help   You may need antibiotics.

Snakes like to get inside pool noodles to get warm.  Consider not leaving pool noodles outside but  if you do, at least shake them before grabbing a pool noodles and using assuming there is no snake inside!

The chipmunk family live in the large rock area area by the pool.   They are adorable! It resembles a cave where they live and they peak out and watch me and water the flower and do pool stuff.

We grew lettuce just for the large wild rabbits and planted tall plants around the lettuce to protect the rabbits from our dogs.   The wild rabbits are thriving! The neighbors cat has come on our property to stalk and kill the rabbits but he gets chased by me with a pool noodle used as a sword!

I hope that everyone has a lovely day!





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