Hi everyone! I hope all of you feel blissfully content and are in good health!

Yesterday, I struggled with lack of motivation but managed to achieve the goals on my too do list anyway.

My treat yesterday was to go the lake and read.   I observed a elderly home field trip from afar.   The staff from the retirement home were so sweet and respectful to their charges! One lady wanted to sit closer to the water than everyone else did.   The gentleman employee pushed her wheel chair to the edge of the water and then sat with her for the entire time I was in my car reading.    He talked to her in such a friend way and acted in a compassionate way how he handled her request.

The lady employee sat and talked to her charges calling them Ms. and Mr. and fondly reflected on the many good memories they had shared on their excursions.    The voices carried easily in the wind within my hearing range as I read and looked up when sea gulls flew over my car.

Today, I went to a thrift store and bought some books.   It cost 5 dollars for a big pile of both hard backed and soft backed books.

I am speed reader so it doesn’t make sense to buy new books when you do the math on the amount of time and entertainment values per book.   Also, used books fit my budget better than new books.

One book is on psychology/ human behavior book and the others are a combination of fiction and non fiction.

One of the employees and another person shopping spoke to me and they both said very kind words to me when we parted ways!

My adult daughter found a better job in her specialty field.   She is excited about it.  We went to a place where a man creates art today.   He gave me one of his pieces! I have no idea why but I adore it! Wasn’t it kind of him! It made me day!

My daughter bought something from him.   She placed a custom order for another item while we were there.

I hope that everyone has a safe and healthy late afternoon evening!

Lacey 🌸


  1. hopeispresent 1 year ago

    Sounds like you had a good day! Good for you!

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  2. thebluejay 1 year ago

    it’s so admirable that you’re setting time aside for self help. good for you!

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