Well a LOT HAS HAPPENED SINCE MY LAST login. I lost the job with Kelly Ann's Day Spa. The thing was I never could quite get comfortable there ,the way I had at other jobs. I guess I just really hate snobby places. I have applied at 3 places since then and only one is a place I really wanna be at. The place is called Essence Skin and Bodycare. I interviewed well I thought and then when it came to giving the owner the test massage–I sorta showed off.                                                                                        Now that its done I had a chat with a friend who is another therapist and He says that I gave her too long of a massage. I had planned on just doing 30 mins but then she asked me to work her neck so I did and also done her arms and belly. Happily today I did a massage at the home-business but sadly the guy did Not tip. While I was working on that guy Jan from Essence called and she wants to see me again tomorrow so I'm thinking that the massage paid off.                                                             I saw my shrink and I told him I'd had some pretty serious manics and lost a lot of money gambling. So basically I asked him if he could increase my Abilify and he did. He told me check  some goals that I wanted for us to work on this year. I was pleasantly surprised that He said He'd help me in the most humane way possible if I had a pregnancy. Some of the other doctors acted like a pregnancy was equal to the bubonic plague! So its good to know that I have a supportive doc.



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