I am sure there is some that don't believe in God ,hope u still read!!!                       Self-Esteem

      Love others as yourself  It seems like such a sin  How could I possibly love me When I am empty deep within?

      If you really knew me  Im sure you wouldn't like me If you saw me as I see me  I'm sure you would agree

      There is nothing good about me  There is nothing worthy in me   There is nothing much  to know of me  Except that I'm dirty and guilty

      To love myself seems selfish  To love myself  seems wrong   Love is only for the lovable  Love is only for the strong

      I am weak and pitiful  I am ruined and defective   I am useless and vulnerable  I am abandoned and rejected

      What do I have to offer you If I feel there is nothing in me?  How can I be your companion When in my soul I am not free ?

      The Bible gives a simple command  To love God  with all your heart But the second rule is more difficult  Love Me ? How do I start?

      If you love me its a mystery  You must  see something I can't see   You must see what God recognizes  Because….. before the world God loved me!!


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  1. bizzybe86 13 years ago

    Along time I felt this way ,after my kids got older I realized I had to change the way I felt cause I could teel they were getting vibes on the way I felt!

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