I'm going to tell the best boy meets girl story you ever heard. I was fresh out of seven locks. And because of that I was accepted in mountain manor rehab. I had been there for about 2 weeks when I saw her walk in. She was so beautiful it hurt. I ll never forget how I felt when I first saw her.

I knew I would never have a women like that, not me. Didn't see her again for about 4 yrs. Then she started to come to a meeting I went too. Every time I saw my heart dropped, I felt pain in my heart because I wanted her to be mine but new she would never go for a guy like me. No money, just a tow man with nothin coming. There was this Bob Segar song I heard all the time called ” accompany me” Some people think that loves a losing game, it starts with fire then you lose the flame, the ashes smolder and the warmth's soon gone, you end up cold, alone and on your own. Ill take my chances and Ill risk it all, Ill win your love or Ill take the fall, I made my mind up its meant to be. Some day lady you'll accompany me. Corney, but I was on a mission.

I followed her to meetings, I played it cool, and I was smooth Pete with a mission. I would have short but planned encounters with her. Short but smooth compliments that I thought about way before I said it. And then Aug 4,1995 I asked her to an Elton John concert and said OK, and I got real nervous. At the concert it started pouring rain, she had a little dress on and it got plenty wet. It stuck to her like no body's business. I thought I died and went to heaven. I treated her like a lady because she didn't like all the bullshit and I was too nervous to do anything else. We started dating like two teenagers; I didn't even kiss her for along time. But when we did its like nothing I have ever experienced. We dated for Eight years and half of that was long distance while she went to school. Well there's a whole lot more to it

But we got married in 2002 and I am the most fortunate guy in the world. I v been married twice before and it was never like this. It was like starting all over again with woman, but this time doing it different. Me, I have a business now and things are good, thank GOD.

Ladys, If he/she wont treat you with the respect you deserve, Kick em to the curb. Guys too.




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