Well, it’s been a long day.  It’s only 6pm, but i got up this morning before 330, so…..  (Marty started another job, this morning, so it’s an early start–but it’s not toooo bad.)  We just need to get adjusted, again, to another scheduling change.  This morning, i found myself kinda busy, earlier on, but i felt like my energy level flopped, pretty quickly.  So, after he had some lunch and cooled down and was relaxing, i went and lay down beside him–reading for a bit, at first.  Then, i fell asleep, right after he did.  Anyway, i guess i’m gonna be able to sleep tonight–i hope, anyway.

i had another of those “moments,” earlier, where i felt i needed to reread the information on Shelby’s death  i dunno what it was that made me feel such a need, but i still did it.  Anyway, it still hits me–understandably, i guess.  i s’pose i’m wondering how long it’s gonna feel like this–if it will ever get easier–  i guess, either way, it is what it is.  i think it also still gets to me, that i seem to read new information, every time i read it.  No, nothing’s changed–i mean, i actually downloaded the paperwork, whenever the medical examiner and cops were finished with their investigations.  Maybe i’ve read the same information, every time, and just didn’t “catch” it all?–Regardless, it is what it is.

Needless to say, i’ve not been anywhere, today.  Well, i did just go outside, to sweep the entrance and patio off, since the landscapers were around today.  i just wanted to stay busy while dinner was cooling/resting.  Now, i feel like my brain is in a fog, again….  It’s really warm outside, especially with the humidity-level, and the sun’s back to drying everything out.  Some cooling rains would be nice….not just occasional  showers where you can see the steam rising from the pavement, immediately afterward.

i know:   i need  to be more productive with my time, or find something to occupy my brain, at the very least.  i wound up not going to the  meeting, this morning.  i should’ve gone, but, the timing just didn’t feel right, then.  Oh well….




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