So I guess I haven't written on here in a while. I used to really love it, I remember. I guess I have kind of got caugh up with uni lately though, to my own detriment.

You might be happy to know that I still write, though. And in this year I have apparently learnt something about what I want from friendships – and am trying to learn the same thing about relationships. If that makes sense.

Wouldn't say that I was wide awake, exactly. I still have the worst days. But, I am apparently much better than I used to be. And all the experiences I have documented on here, uni,recovering from mental illness (because that's what this journey is apparently), and trying to stay recovered (believe me, tis harder than it looks) have given me something that I haven't really had since I became a teen. Self confidence (don't get excited…only a little bit).

So from here on in, I am going to be visiting this site a little less often. I'll still be around, and blog a little – but my main focus will be on my actual blog whataboutnow1.weebly.com (*read it and comment if you like*)

I met someone else in the end; someone I feel safe with and doesn't make me feel like I should be taking responsibility for things that aren't my fault. Someone who is trying to stay recovered like me. I might have done something a bit stupid involving what himym once referred to as a baguette. But rest assured it only happened once, and I threw it away. I didn't like the baguette and I know better now.

I found voluntary work, and writing – and said goodbye to the karate people. My dad is still my dad but I am getting better at bypassing him. And I'm an adult now, so as long as I'm good and just go ahead with the things that make me happy (*and are legal and possible*) then I will be ok, I hope.

I just have to sort this summer out now. Wish me luck, I feel like this is one of the last things I'll do before things change forever.


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