I just found out that someone in the program had died this morning from an OD. Honestly, I can't say I'm shocked b/ c he had essentially shut out NA for the past 6mos to year or so. That does not change the fact that I loved him as a human being or will miss him as a friend. We had done things on social occasions outside of NA w/ other friends on numerous occasions.  I know he has been using for the past year or so on and off and I also know he was moving in w/ his old roommate this weekend to make a fresh start. His old roommate has been clean for many years, though not in NA, but whatever. Whatever keeps you clean is your own business….for me the steps are the key to MY survival….not anyone else's.  Nick was ok w/ NA but thought he was ok smokin week and doin occasional opiates and alcohol. He was the nicest guy…unless of course u met him outside of NA and threatened him…I heard he can put up quite the fight. Apparently not fight enough to fight for himself however. He had tried to commit suicide about a year ago and nothing came of that. I haven't seen him at his usual NA mtg's in about a yr or so. I knew he was using thru  friend's reports, but dint think anything of it.  I just found out at 11pm that he had been found this am dead….when supposedly this was his last Hur RAH, b/c he was going to be making a fresh start this weekend. He has a 3 or 4 yr old son that is now left w/o a father. The ONE drawback to this program is that we do NOT know eachother's last names. I mean I cannot even look up his obit or whatever. Whatever, I'll find out when his funeral is and spread the word to the NA community b/c apparently his "family" has aliented themselves from him b/c of his drug use.  OMFG. This is the first perosn that I have known on a personal level in NA that has died of an OD. I'm still in shock, and I'm still thinking/hoping that he'll make it back. It's just starting to hit me now as I type this b/c suddenly it is all real. NICK IS FUCKING DEAD. Please keep his spirit and his son in your thoughts and prayers…..


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