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So I honestly believe that we’re living in a real world Matrix. Instead of a computer creating our reality I think the powers that be with a big help from news and entertainment are giving us a narrow and false view of the world.


I’m not sure if you’re aware but in 2012, 90% of all media (news, radio, etc) was owned by 6 Monolithic companies. I’m not allowed to attach a hyperlink, but you can Google “6 companies that own all the media”. It basically means that almost all sources of information are controlled by 6 companies. So if the rich and powerful wanted to influence what you think of something, wanted to keep you from knowing something, or just overall control whatever information was going around they could.


It scares me and is also frustrating because the more I think about it the more I truly believe we are being oppressed, but just in a different more subtle way then people throughout history have been oppressed.


Speaking of being oppressed I again really dislike this 300 word minimum with writing the blogs. I’ve already conveyed what I wanted to, but now I have to add this filler just so I can reach the minimum. There are times where I need to write a lengthier blog, but other times I can get straight to the point with a lot less verbiage. I just don’t understand the reasoning. I guess they want to differentiate a blog from like one of the status messages, but still. If anyone knows how we can voice our suggestion about the blog 300 word minimum please let me know.


I hope everyone is hanging in there as they read this. Please try to do your own research if you have a chance. There’s millions of really good people who are being fooled by their own government. I’ll do my best to post up good information without offending anyone. I don’t like it when people try to force political or religious views upon me so I try my best to be mindful not to do it to others.

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  1. cdnpickles 4 years ago

    The news no longer seems to report “just the facts” and let people make informed decisions based on that. Seems everything is an “opinion” piece, and that has never been more apparent than this current US election. What annoys me more is the suppression of news that the powers that be do not want released, for whatever reasons.

    Also – to your point about wanting changes made with regard to blog requirements/minimums…this site does not want any actualy input from its “members” as has been demonstrated repeatedly. I actually will be surprised if they don’t delete my comment to you once they are aware of it.

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