Some days are not as bad as the other days. Today is one of those days. A calm mind and normal heartbeats. How strange it feels to have a normal day! On these normal days, I keep fearing that it will end and my anxiety will rise. Normals are not normal at all. Anxiety is still there but in a different form.

I am smiling and listening to music. And suddenly I’m stuck with a thought that what if a sad song will come in next and I will be drowned in all the negative thoughts. The smile fades away. Music off. It is a normal day and I should feel good. So to save my normal day I keep avoiding things that can remotely affect my day. The day goes in a hope that next will be normal too.

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  1. tombrown12 9 months ago

    I feel depressed today due to mood and not enough sun. Also a bit of depression for grief. Thanks for sharing. I will be writing another blog later.

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